Our Story

On one random spring day, one of our original members engaged in a short and casual conversation with a fellow African co-worker who was putting together a list of names for a social club. A couple of months later, we found ourselves registering an African nonprofit organization in Massachusetts, USA. This was in June of 2016. Now, we never imagined that starting a social club to support a diverse group of fellow African co-workers morally, socially, and financially would have led up to us having active members doing administrative duties. We took it upon ourselves to do some outreach with other African organizations within close proximity to us and developed some decent relationships as a result. In June 2017, this African nonprofit managed to obtain 501c3 tax exempt status after preparing and submitting necessary paperwork to the Internal Revenue Service. Through these experiences, we now have a huge responsibility on our shoulders to give back to the African community and other communities to make a significant impact.